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Anonymous said...

I was able to pre book Eva via the internet. She speaks excellent English and is easy to understand. We spoke about my likes and dislikes and she was able to provide a tour that kept my interest peaked. She is up to date on local happenings in the city such as performances and other events. Her enthusiasm for the city & her personality made for a truly fantastic holiday. She is amazing, once you meet her you will agree. Please feel free to contact me for further info on my or your trip to

flutey said...

Eva provided an excellent tour of Prague for my husband and I . We would highly recommend her.{}

Jana said...

Eva was an outstanding Prague Tour Guide for my niece and I! She has an excellent grasp of the English language, she has a deep understanding of the incredible history of Prague and she offers a high level of service orientation. Additionally, Eva's voice pitch and level enabled you to easily listen to her for a complete day tour. I would highly recommend Eva (I rarely offer recommendations) and please feel free to reach out to me or my niece for further details about our fantastic experience with Eva and her two day tour of Prague.

Anonymous said...

A friend found Eva and she proved to be an excellent guide on the hottest day in 200 years! She was easy to understand and her commentary was relevant to our understanding the history and culture of the Czech people. I would strongly recommend Eva as a guide!


Julia Grewe said...

My husband booked Eva for two half days in order to convince me to move to Prague with him. And what can I say, due to Eva's insight in Prague's architecture and history and her capability of keeping us interested in facts and anecdotes it looks like he almost succeeded. Eva proved to be a tour guide whose love for the city clearly shows. She was great at asking the right questions beforehand and made sure she understood our wishes and needs. Finally her attention to detail - she even checked whether the streets were accessible with our stroller - was phantastic.

Anonymous said...

August 9, 2007

I have communicated with Eva via email prior to my arrival in Prague about my tour objectives. Eva has carefully viewed them and came up with an agenda for two days, three hours per each day. Eva’s knowledge and enthusiasm about the Czech Republic in general and Prague in particular is remarkable.
Eva, thanks for the tour, the additional information and the documents.

David, Boston Massachusetts.

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure working with Eva to put together a 6-hour walking tour of Prague highlights. She is a great person to spend the day with, and everyone in my group was impressed with her knowledge and love of Prague. She also chose a great restaurant for our lunch stop which met all the needs in the group. I'm happy to add my recommendation.

Scott A. Tepper
Vacation Vibrations
"Tours for Fans of Great Live Music"
Newtonville, Massachusetts

sdbaseballnut said...

There were four of us in our party and we spent two full days with Eva in Prague. This was time and money WELL spent!! As others have posted, she has an obvious love and deep knowledge of her home country which is evident as she shares the history and information with you throughout the walking tours. Somehow even though she must tell the stories over and over again, they seemed to be fresh and alive to her. It was fascinating to me to meet someone who actually lived during the Communist era, lived behind the iron curtain, and someone who has now enjoyed living in a free society. The smile on her face and the twinkle in her eye spoke volumes. Coming from a free society all my life there is just so much I have always taken for granted.

The other part of Eva's vast knowledge is her grasp of the Jewish history in Prague. One of the members of my party is of Jewish heritage and Eva was able to offer an outstanding tour of the Jewish Quarter. I learned so much about Jewish history... just incredible. She even called me in advance of our trip to warn me about the fact that we would be there over a Jewish holiday and that we might want to rearrange the dates of our tour in order to not be shut out of the Jewish portion of our tour due to closures, etc. That alone was worth her fee!

She showed us the hidden treasures of Prague. Little nuances that I'm sure the average tourist would have walked past without so much as a glance... but it all unfolded like a fairytale storybook with Eva as our guide. Prague is a magical city. Each turn onto a new street takes your breath away.

My only complaint is that my legs and feet gave out before my desire to see more did.

Feel free to contact me for more info.

ronat said...

We highly recommend Eva. We spent a delightful ( albeit wet day ) with Eva 2 weeks ago. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and delightful to be with. She loves her "hometown ' of Prague and coveys this with facts and antedotes. Excellent guide.

Riley said...

AWESOME! That is the first word that comes to mind for my husband and I regarding our two days spent with Eva. Spending the time with Eva to tour made our trip to Prague special. Eva is an incredible host for her country and is also, well spoken, well rounded in her knowledge,has very diverse interests which lend themsleves to great general conversation. She demonstrates a genuine passion for what she does, for history and most importantly for Prague.

We highly recommend spending time and touring with Eva. Next time we will take her up on some of her trips outside of Prague.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you would like any further information.
Brian and Amy Riley

Anonymous said...

I have arranged a private tour with Eva well in advance of my family trip top Prague and made a right decision. We were very please with her professionalism, knowledge of current events as well as historical details. She was very diligent in her work and I would recommend to anyone who would like to have a very personalized and efficient service.
Roman, Toronto

Anonymous said...

One form another side.. I am a friend of Eva and although I did not see her for quite a long time I well remember the first Tour of Prague that she gave to me and our friend Pavla back in year 2000. I think it was one of her first "professional" walks through Prague, and I have to say it was amazing to us ! Let me say, that both me and my friend Pavla are born in Prague, living our lives here, going to work here.. how much surprised we were about the place we live in! So much interesting information we learned (and I do still remember some since then :)) There is nothing, but recommend Eva to anyone who is interested, not only in history of Prague and CZ, but also the society, the culture, restaurants and food, up to date happenings.. !!! She is one of the most enthusiastic people I know. Glad, she quit the finance :))